Fitness and health were an instrumental part of my life long before I was old enough to care about six pack abs or mile PRs. I grew up playing sports and leading an active lifestyle with my family before naturally transitioning into a fierce competitor and collegiate athlete at the University of Maryland. Today I see exercising and taking care of my body as the purest form of self love. With workouts that produce results and a lifetime of experience, I hope to help other women integrate more activity into their routines for both physical and emotional benefits.


Biking Benefits for Resistant Riders

For those still hesitant to try this challenging cardo workout, I’m sharing some of the benefits of biking that will get you off your feet and onto two wheels

Best Stretching Accessories

When introducing stretching into your workout routine, one or all of my go-to flexibility tools can aid in your progress, performance and overall comfort. 

The Importance of Stretching

Lets get loose! Here are some of the best benefits you’ll see when you incorporate stretching into your fitness routine.