get full with lis

Recently, I’ve received a lot of requests to share more of what I eat so I’m including a food section, which I hadn’t originally planned to do when starting a blog. I don’t follow a strict dieting plan and don’t consider myself a renowned chef by any means, but I was raised on balanced meals and I maintain the habits my parents taught me. Of course, I’ve adjusted what and how I eat to fit my lifestyle including breakfast on-the-go in the form of vitamin-packed smoothies, small, frequent meals to keep me full throughout the day without causing fatigue and leaving room for dessert at dinnertime. Below I’ll share some of my favorite family recipes, meals I’ve put together myself and general nutritional information I’ve found useful.

Smoothies 101: Choosing Ingredients

Here are some of my favorite foods and supplements to include, and their nutritional benefits.

Mojo Criollo Chicken & Pineapple Salsa

Latin-inspired recipe featuring the freshest summertime fruits and vegetables. 

Foods That Keep You Energized

Trade your afternoon cappuccino for one of these foods that provide a healthier stamina boost.