Best Stretching Accessories

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When introducing stretching into your workout routine, one or all of my go-to flexibility tools can aid in your progress, performance and overall comfort. 

Foam rollers are great for reducing pain, relieving tension and increasing your range of movement. Using your body weight, press and roll along the cylinder to massage tight muscles. 

Yoga blocks can be used to support your knees, lower back, neck and virtually any part of your body. This helps to maximize flexibility so you will enjoy the full benefits of each pose. 

Resistance bands assist those who lack flexibility and mobility to lengthen and relax muscles before and after a workout. The length and gentle resistance are especially good for stretching shoulders and hamstrings.

Water Bottles are essential to every workout as staying hydrated is essential for preventing injuries. Muscle tightness is an early sign of dehydration and active adults should drink at least eight glasses of water each day.