Smoothies 101: Choosing Ingredients


I start each morning with a homemade smoothie. The ingredients vary slightly, depending on what is in the fridge, but I make sure to include a mixture of fresh and frozen fruits, dark greens, healthy fats and proteins. Here are some of my favorite foods and supplements to include, and their nutritional benefits:

Fruit for Flavor

Bananas:  Beyond adding a smooth, creamy texture to dairy-free recipes, the simple fruit soothes the stomach and regulates bowel function. Bananas provide instant energy through sucrose, fructose and glucose. High potassium levels while its high potassium levels reduce the change of heart disease improve brain function and manage stress.

Blueberries: This superfood is packed with vitamins that aid in improved vision, reduced belly fat and enhanced mood. Long term benefits include lowering risk of heart disease, preventing certain types of cancer and slows the breakdown of bones. 

Raspberries: The anti-inflammatory benefits reduce joint pain, increase blood flow and manage heart health. Bonus, these berries can boost your metabolism and fight aging.


Spinach: High in Fiber, lowers blood pressure, improves vision, and promotes glowing skin, helps brain function.

Kale: Strengthens the immune systems, heart health, great for eyes, lower cholesterol, improves sleep, high iron content.


Collagen: Plumps and firms skin, improves skin’s elasticity and helps prevents the signs of aging. On the inside, collagen helps repair joints, bones and tissues damaged during exercise and promotes healthy immune and central nervous systems.

Protein: One of the main benefits of switching to a plant-based diet is that fruits and vegetables are loaded with healthy fibers that naturally improve digestion

Bee Pollen: Eating bee pollen increases energy, rejuvenates skin, prevents acne and is made of almost 40% protein. Adding this to your smoothies can fight allergies, colds and the flu.


Coconut Oil: Positively affects our hormones for thyroid and blood sugar control, helps body absorb fat-soluble vitamins, increases good cholesterol, helps fight aging by stopping the damage to other healthy fat and tissues in our bodies.

Chia Seeds: This tiny seeds are full of calcium for bone health, fiber for digestive strength, Omega-3 fatty acids that aid in inflammation and are an excellent source of vegan protein.

Peanut Butter: High protein levels and healthy oils in this popular lunchtime spread help with weight loss, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.


Coconut Water: Fat free, Vitamin C, cools the body, diuretic, aids in weight loss and boosts metabolism.

Unsweetened Almond Milk: Low fat, contains no saturated fat or cholesterol – high in Omega-3 fatty acids that lower bad LDL cholesterol, high in vitamins like B, E, Magnesium and Iron