Favorite Food Friday: Lemons


For less than a dollar, you can detox your body, rev up your metabolism and protect yourself against illness and disease. Each morning, drink a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice on an empty stomach and you'll soon reap these benefits:

  • Boosted Energy: When negative-charged ions -- like those in lemon juice -- enter your digestive tract, your energy levels are naturally elevated without the caffeine crash. 
  • Revitalized Complexion: Lemons have antioxidants that attack the free radicals damaging your skin and boosts collagen to smooth fine lines and refresh your skin. 
  • Fights Fat: While no food actually burns fat (only your body can do that), lemons help your liver to perform at its best for healthy digestion and also boosts your metabolic rate.
  • Increased Brain Function: Lemons contain potassium which aids in stress relief, clearing your mind and enhancing nerve function to keep you on top of your game. 

Bonus Benefits:

To relieve sore stomachs, improve digestive health and rev up your metabolism ... add ginger.

... If your temperature is soaring, add mint to induce sweating to break the fever.

Swap tap for coconut water ... to kick a sugar craving.